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We have all the tools digitally and physically to make the process easy for you and your employees



Vi har flere års erfaring som messebyggere 

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Vi er gode til specialprojekter som kræver gode færdigheder og struktur. 

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Vores online platform til kommunikation internt og eksternt 

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Nem kommunikation for alle

When you work with us, you get exclusive access to our communication platform (Podio), where all parties in the project can communicate with each other in both writing and pictures.

Design process

Architects and other partners can sign up for a daily report - and in this way it is possible to make corrections and changes early in the process, if necessary.

Byggeteknisk tegning med arkitekter og rådgivende ingeniører
Dokumenting with pictures to provide great customer service


Our on-site staff uploads photos almost every day documenting what they have done on-site or made on the custom-made product.


Once the project is completed, all parties can see the finished result and all specifications for the work performed, both in terms of craftsmanship, design and finances.

Project coordinator we keep track of everything, design, drawings, craftmanship and the finances

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trade show stand builders

trade show stand builders