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Tom Dixon

Exhibition Stand


Exhibition Stand Construction

In 2019, we had the pleasure of constructing an impressive exhibition stand for Tom Dixon at the Maison et Objet trade show in Paris. Tom Dixon is a renowned designer and manufacturer of exclusive products in lighting, furniture, and home accessories, among others. We assisted them in creating a stand that reflected their innovative and stylish designs.

In collaboration with Tom Dixon, we carefully planned the overall structure of the exhibition stand to create an atmosphere of elegance and exclusivity. The layout was designed with care to maximize the presentation of Tom Dixon's products and provide a pleasant space for visitors.

The exhibition stand was furnished with carefully selected furniture and decorations that complemented Tom Dixon's designs. Our goal was to create a space where visitors could experience the lighting products in an authentic context while feeling inspired by the overall design concept.

Tom Dixon's exhibition stand at the Maison et Objet trade show was one of the most remarkable and popular stands. It attracted a large number of visitors, including professionals and design enthusiasts. The stand became a focal point at the trade show, generating great excitement and curiosity among the attendees.

Revitalizing the Stand

After the conclusion of the Maison et Objet trade show, Tom Dixon's exhibition stand was dismantled and transported to two new destinations: the Stockholm and Ambiente trade shows. All the furniture and equipment were carefully packed and transported to the new venues. Our team worked diligently to rebuild and set up everything in the new exhibition stand, ensuring an impressive and professional presentation of Tom Dixon's lighting products.

Since the original stand in Paris had a size of approximately 200 m2 and a height of 5 meters, it was necessary to adapt and adjust the design to the new, smaller locations. The exhibition stand was reconfigured in smaller versions to fit the new exhibition spaces.

The walls of the stand were carefully dismantled and securely packed for transportation. During the reconstruction of the stand at the new trade shows, the walls were painted on-site to ensure they matched Tom Dixon's aesthetic and created the right atmosphere.

The dismantling, transportation, and reconstruction of the exhibition stand for the new locations were challenging tasks, but our experience and expertise allowed us to handle this logistical work efficiently and successfully. The result was two new exhibition stands that continued to showcase Tom Dixon's designs with elegance and style. We are proud of our contribution to the trade shows and delighted with the positive response we received.

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